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just a friendly reminder that if you drink and drive you’re a fucking douchebag and everyone hates you

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this is where i’d keep my scratching post…IF I HAD ONE


this is where i’d keep my scratching post…IF I HAD ONE

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What kind of noise is that supposed to be, Luna?

This is 100% worth sharing again.  It’s one of my favorite videos of all time.

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Hayloft Livin’ - By Sims3time

Hello! Time for another house! Yeehaw!

This house was kinda sorta supposed to be a barn converted into a house? Hence the name? Idk. Anyways I tried to style it to fit the Aurora Skies theme as that is the world i build it on. On that far lot on the water kinda top left of the map? There was originally a house there that I deleted.

So! For this house you will need:

Aurora Skies

That Jewelry making set


The new boho garden set thing.

Also I have all EPs installed and no SPs. However if you don’t have some of the above things the house should still show up , just some things will be missing!

There is no CC in this house. Anddd it’s empty as per usual cause i hate doing interiors! :D


Edit this house however you’d like , just please please PLEASE for the love of god , don’t edit this house and then upload it as your own creation… I have already had someone do this. And it’s NOT COOL MAN. ok? OK :D if it happens anymore there will be no more houses from me! and we don’t want that, I like sharing. 

So anyways. Enjoy!

[ D O W N L O A D]

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I got an extra shot in my coffee and this happened. There are 4 skins, and 5 eyes total. The eyes are all converted from TS2. They all use four color channels, except for Rensim’s Retooled Eyes, which uses three.

The skins are all ages, both genders. I recently made the Nectar skin and the Feathers&Pearls Skin, but the Rosebud 2.0 and Cloud Parade are ones I’ve had for ages (and love to bits). So yeah, enjoy <3

Download Nectar Skin NON-DEFAULT [Mirror]

Download Nectar Skin DEFAULT [Mirror]

Download Rensim’s Retooled Eyes NON-DEFAULT [Mirror]

Download Rensim’s Retooled Eyes DEFAULT [Mirror]




& More Section

1. Download Feathers & Pearls Skin (NON-DEFAULT [Mirror] | DEFAULT [Mirror])

This skin is loosely based off of Lilith’s Feathers Skin….

    Download Bruno’s Olivia Eyes (NON-DEFAULT) [Mirror]

2. Download Cloud Parade (NON-DEFAULT) [Mirror]

    Download Bruno’s Mad Eyes (NON-DEFAULT [Mirror]| DEFAULT [Mirror])

3. Download La_Exotique’s Just Reflect Eyes (NON-DEFAULT) [Mirror]

4. Download Rosebud 2.0 (NON-DEFAULT) [Mirror]

    Download Anva’s Deceptive Eyes v1 (NON-DEFAULT) [Mirror]

Download All Non-Defaults Here! [Mirror]

Credits: Lilith! For making my favorite ts2 skins ever, and being the inspiration behind half of the skins above <3

Also credit goes to: Leh, IN3S, Joedy, Ephemera, Moonskin93, Orangesims and myself for the skins, and Rensim, Bruno, La_Exotique,  Anva for the ts2 eyes, Simtzu, Aikea-guinea and Shady for the sceleras <3 <3 <3


The Legacy House - By:Sims3time

2,200 Follower Gift

So for a long time i’ve said I was going to release a new large traditional styled house and finally here it is! This giant house comes complete with 7 bedrooms , 8 bathrooms , a basement area , a gym , a pool , and a mini barn in the backyard. It is completely unfurnished.

You will need all Ep’s installed for this house , although i’m pretty sure I didn’t use any ITF stuff. 




As per usual do whatever you’d like with this house just please do not claim it as your own. 

Thank you and Enjoy!




I updated Hunter’s eyes and skin. I swear, every one of my sims is going to end up with this skin lol.

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Happy 36th birthday, Jensen Ross Ackles! (March 1st, 1978)

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I realized the hatslider isn’t working with the goggles so I just changed his hair ;_;

Arw I feel like doing a shooting wirh Axas again. I forgot how beautiful he was >w<




So I did the thing. 

it was fun and I will be updating as I go. XD

I was told to post spoilers. XD  whitsims

This is such a cool layout omg

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Sunset Beach House

  • 35x25 lot
  • $79,132
  • 3 bd/2 ba

This lot was built on Shimmering Sands in Isla Paradiso. May use items from World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural, Seasons, University Life and Island Paradise.

Custom content used/pictured:




More of my Saaqartoq save. Click for better resolution. Unedited.


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Okay I know, but I couldn’t just deal with having only two pairs converted. I knew I could have done better, and I knew that I wanted those other four fixed. So, today I decided to fix them. We can pretend this was meant to be you guys’ Valentine’s day gift, or my 3k follower gift, or both, Idek.


  • You don’t need the Diesel stuff pack for these to work!
  • There’s no stomach or ankle seams!
  • Some of these poses are strange, but I didn’t have a lot of male poses!
  • This .zip file includes both .sims3packs and .package files, they are all named accordingly and the folder contains named photos so you can pick what you want and toss the rest out. Fun stuff, yes?
  • Each pair has 2 presets. One has the regular mask and the other is a gradient version. If you’re looking for some for your female teens, I’ll just put this link for my female conversions here.
  • The shorts aren’t enabled for outerwear, but the pants are. If you’d like to learn how to enable for outerwear check here.

adfly | skydrive

If you need additional mirrors let me know, yada yada yada. If you have any issues with them, please let me know and I’ll fix them.

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ugh this is perfect

You know shit’s bad when you have one of those over your head.

lol its like shes just realized her fate 

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